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Are You Looking to Heal the Deep problems in your life?
We all have vast secret, hidden depths within us. Like the eternally dark trenches of the deep oceans filled with strange and little know life forms, these unlit places within us, within the very cells of our very body, hold memories, traumas and survival patterns from our past, challenges that can hold us back, or can become the seed of the amazing potential of we can become, can share in this life.
Yet before we can fully life our life we often need to bring these unknown, hidden aspects ourself from the dark, up into the light, and transform them into new strengths to take into our future. This is... Healing the Deep.
Healing the Deep is for when when you have tried everything else, and nothing seems to work - when you want to totally turn your life around, to bring yourselves back in flow - to clear years of physical pain, to feel boundless energy return, to find trust again and open your heart to love, to enjoy and feel confident in your sexuality once more, to feel joy, to stop the pattern of repeating past trauma/grief/challenges and find a new path for yourself.
This is the work I do. I bring to it all I have learnt on my journey - my in-depth training and over 10 years of hands-on experience in the accurate energy medicine of AcuEnergetics®, learning from the many companies I have set up and run, years with an enlightened Indian teacher discovering new approaches to love and meditation, transforming fear into courage surviving life and typhoons crossing the Pacific in a wooden yacht, and living as a nomad since I was a kid exploring the answers other cultures and eras have found for understanding how to live our life on this planet with courage and heart.
Deep Problems I Specialise in Treating
These are some of the key areas I have found these deep problems affect, and where I focus my Healing the Deep work. I have had great success with helping many people around the world clear these problems.
Pain - Pain and other problems in the Back, Neck, Coccyx, Hips and Legs.
Low Energy - Rediscover the Energy to fully live your life. Fully recover from Burnout.
Sex & Love - Sexual problems can have a huge affect on confidence, yet they can be naturally treated, easily. It is possible to Trust again after heartbreak.
Fertility - Is your heart longing for a baby of your own, yet you cant seem to easy conceive naturally? Worried that you might have left it too late? I can help.
Healing the Past - Clear past grief, fear, PTS, challenges and trauma from the cells of your body so you can finally be free of the past repeating, and find a new, relaxed and happy life.
Why problems can be difficult to treat
Back Pains? Contact Cassandra JamesThese problems can come from an imbalance in the flow in your body from a past accident, illness, operation, challenge, stress, trauma, relationship, mindset, worries or even a broken heart. For although the problem may seem over it can still be affecting you today, as these can affect how the energy flows in part of your body and leave that area weak and vulnerable to future problems. This can happen even when we think we have totally recovered from a issue and moved on.
The reason is - all these events also affect our energetic body. Like icebergs, most of what our bodies are made of is below the surface, invisible to the naked eye, and this is the important part.
We are a complex network of energetic centres and 1000's of fine channels that feed energy throughout our body, from our toes to our head, and all the muscles and organs between. When this energetic body is working properly, the energy flows evenly and keeps our bodies, our emotions and our minds, flexible, strong, healthy and pain-free, but when they become blocked (which can be caused by any of the above situations), there is not enough energy flowing to keep us healthy, so the areas they support become weaker and problems occur.
People often talk about blocks as just being in the mind, but in fact, although they may start there, over time they become held in our body and energy system, and these need to be cleared by experienced energy medicine professionals for effective and lasting results.
With over 10 years of experience in accurate energy medicine (as a Senior AcuEnergetics® Practitioner) this is my expertise. I have wide experience and extensive training in alternative health, wellness and accurate energy medicine, combined with an in-depth understanding of business' after many years as a director and consultant. My help has been sought by people seeking lasting solutions for problems with their health, work and lifestyle, and by the owners of £100mill+ corporations around the world, to help them reduce stress, treat chronic health problems, improve wellness and energy, and bring their work and life into balance. For many years I have been transforming lives from Bahrain to Monaco, and Australia to the UK. Originally Australian, I am now based in Europe where I work with clients in many countries, and live between the wild Dorset coast, and an old farmhouse in the hills of north Provence.
AcuEnergetics® is a modern healing modality that integrates Chinese, Judaic, Indian and Western healing traditions into an accurate energy medicine. Developed in Australia, it is the most clinically effective energetic healing modality available today.
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Are You Ready To Discover the Secret Key To Start Changing
YOUR Life?
The ancient Greek doctor and teacher Hippocrates (460 BC - 370 BC), who has been described as the 'father of modern medicine', wrote:'
'Healing is a matter of time, but sometimes also a
matter of opportunity'
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ImageStrength and Flexibility Returned, Cleared Past Challenges
I am very happy to have the opportunity to recommend the work that is being done by Cassandra James (Punita), a Practitioner and healer originally from the School of AcuEnergetics® (in Sydney, Australia), who now lives and works in Europe...(She) has given me over 30 sessions on a range of (health) issues... and I was also able to look at, and resolve many early issues in my life, which I now realize, had affected my body and some had contributed towards my sciatica...
I experienced Cassandra not only as an excellent practitioner, teacher and health advisor, but also as a very loving and caring friend. Her warm smile always gives me the feeling that it's going to be all right. If you have a chance to work with her you will understand what I mean. I highly recommend Cassandra's approach.
Founder and President of the Humaniversity
Image20 Years of Back Pain Cured After 2 sessions!
'I had a small mishap 20 years ago which left me with a back injury of the lower back and neck. (There was compressed cartilage between the lumbar spinal bones.)

Six months later I was in a wheelchair, in much pain and I was shattered and thought that the world was ending.So I tried physio, which caused a lot of pain (on the scale of 1-10 I am sure that it was a 10). After a few years of doing this the pain went down to about 8/10. After I did the physio, things started to get a little better, so I realized that the more it hurt, the better it got. So that became my pain management, exercising through it.
However, most days I still was at the level of 8/10. If I felt it worsening and I could catch it, I would use a physio machine, or painkillers to dull the pain. Which left me feeling stoned.

Then I had two AcuEnergetics® sessions with Cassandra. And after the first session the pain level in my back was reduced, but my neck still hurt. After the second session, for the first time in 20 years, I had no pain at all! Since then if I pull a muscle it heals very quickly, and I have a very physically active lifestyle and push my body hard.

Cassandra, you are a legend, you are a beautiful person. You will have a special place in my heart for your help.
Steve, Australia
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ImageMoney blocks cleared, money flowing in!

'I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help over the past few months. I have seen such massive changes as a result - in particular around money.
Within a few weeks of our session I had paid off over £5,000 on a credit card and reduced the interest payments on another saving £200 a month. I know that the energetic work you did helped me clear what was blocking me, and allowed this money to flow in.

Thank you so much. I know it is just the beginning if the journey and I am so looking forward to the rest.'
Melina Abbott, UK
ImageIntensive Program Hugely Helpful in All Areas of My Life! - Cured Low Energy & L.B.P, Plus Help To Expand My Business!

'I first had a session with Cassandra because of very low heart rate, causing lack of energy, dizziness and bad circulation (which at its worst caused one of my fingers to go black).
The doctor had found nothing physically wrong with me so there was no corresponding treatment. I was therefore hugely relieved to find a solution!
My initial session was so healing I signed up for an Abundant Health Intensive program with Cassandra, which has been hugely helpful in all aspects of my life. I experienced a sense of clarity and revitalized energy through my whole body, which brought relief to my poor finger and so much more.
Cassandra also supported me with some big personal changes happening in my life, and gave me practical down-to-earth advice to help me expand my business.
I found her to be a warm, compassionate and extremely skilled therapist and I look forward to carrying on the good work (with her).
Sundari Harden, Spain
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