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Cassandra Punita James could offer the solution you have been looking for…
All her life Cassandra has focused on exploring how to balance working and living at one’s peak in the world, while still remaining relaxed and centered. In the East they describe it as the art of ‘meditating in the marketplace’, or how to remain at ease in our very fast, modern world.Together with her extensive energy medicine training as a Senior AcuEnergetics® Practitioner, and 10 years clinical experience.These have allowed her to help many clients around the world so they could successfully clear obstacles standing in their way of them enjoying health and happy life.

She has also had many years of experience in the business world, as a Managing Director and Consultant in various companies.

In 2000, together with the founder of AcuEnergetics® Kevin Farrow, they established the internationally successful AcuEnergetics® School and Clinic in Sydney, Australia. They ran the school together for the following 7 years.

With her unique background and understanding Cassandra can provide solutions for both individual people, and for company teams. Her clients have found her treatments and insights to be practical, effective and profound.

For individual clients she has helped them to transform their health, work, family and life problems, so they finally could live a full life of health, purpose, success and happiness.

She successfully treated people for many problems including acute back, neck, shoulder and knee problems, infertility, menstrual problems, sexual problems, stress, chronic fatigue, depression, sadness, money and work challenges, sciatica, migraines and many more.

With companies and CEO’s, Cassandra has helped them with solutions to some of the major problems that cost so much to businesses these days – exhaustion, stress, burnout, ill health, and lost motivation.

Cassandra’s help has been sought by individual people around the world, and by owners of £100 million+ companies in UK, Europe and the Middle East, to help them, their families and their teams, to treat chronic health problems, reduce stress and bring their work/life back into balance.

For when we are healthy, happy and feel in balance in ourselves, then we will find full energy and enjoyment for all areas of our lives – work, family, friends, sport and time for ourselves. Enjoying the challenges and opportunities that arrive each moment, rather than feeling overwhelmed or stressed by them.

Originally from Australia, Cassandra began travelling with her family at 10 years old, and has never stopped. Her life has been varied and adventurous. When she was young she began looking for ways to balance her own internal stresses. It was this search that led her to explore many different cultures, studying many traditional and alternative approaches to how to live a life of health, joy and balance.

She has always challenged herself to move beyond fear and limitations, to live life on the edge (both in business and her personal life) looking for the gifts and energy that can be found there. Her adventures included sailing through the eye of a deadly typhoon while crossing the Pacific, and spending a year with a teacher in India discovering meditation and how to live from the heart so she could start being more ‘present’ in each moment.

Studying the art of living a life that included all, yet stayed in balance. So living life intensely, yet with ease.

The ancient Taoist teacher Lao Tzu (6th century BCE) described this as ‘Wei wu wei’, or ‘effort without effort’. This is where we are fully present in the moment and our actions happen easily without tension, where everything flows and the right people, events or ideas just come at the right time.

The AcuEnergetics® modality that Cassandra practices is an accurate and profoundly effective, energetic medicine technique. It is based on an in-depth knowledge of the understandings and techniques of Chinese, Indian and Judaic ancient traditions, combined with 40 years of modern research and clinical experience, to create a modern and comprehensive energy medicine modality. With her many years of experience in AcuEnergetics® in-depth understanding, Cassandra is able to permanently clear long term pain, and effectively treat a wide range of physical, emotional and mental problems. She is also able to uncover and treat, not only the symptoms, but also the causes of illness, reducing the chance of them recurring.

With her unique combination of experience, and as the only Senior AcuEnergetics® Practitioner working in Europe, Cassandra is much in demand by her clients in Europe, and around the world.

Different ways you could work with Cassandra:
Bullet Cassandra works in clinics around Europe where clients can come and experience how she can help them. After their first session she designs a clinical program to best suit the issue(s) they are seeking to have resolved. To find out details of where Cassandra works clinic or to book sessions, write to us in the contact box below.
Bullet For clients looking for faster and very deeply transformative results, Cassandra’s offers Private VIP Programs. These are intense, focused, profoundly effective, with full support and are conducted in luxurious and relaxing environments. As these are her top clients, she is able to offer people in these programs many choices of places and days when they can work with her. She has worked with VIP clients (and some of their corporate teams) from Bahrain, Monaco and St Tropez, to Romania and the UK. If you would like to find out if a Private VIP Program would suit you, just contact Cassandra by the email below.
Bullet Cassandra also offers Team Wellness programs for corporates. If you would like to know more about these, contact her below to arrange a time to talk.
Cassandra is based in Europe, and when not traveling for work, she divides her time between her home on the Dorset coast of England, and an old farmhouse in the hills of north Provence.
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ImageStrength and Flexibility Returned, Cleared Past Challenges
'I am very happy to have the opportunity to recommend the work that is being done by Cassandra James (Punita), a Practitioner and healer originally from the School of AcuEnergetics® (in Sydney, Australia), who now lives and works in Europe?
I had been suffering from what is called Chronic Sciatica, which I had developed over a 20-year period. Walking had become very painful. I stopped dancing. I could only stand for short periods of time. I was shaving and showering sitting down, and lying in bed was very uncomfortable. The answer from the medical experts was to have an operation on my backbone to relieve the pain. I decided to have an AcuEnergetics® session with Kevin Farrow (the founder), and much to my surprise the pain disappeared and has never returned.

That was 3 years ago, and since then Cassandra has given me over 30 sessions on a range of issues.

Some of the physical issues she cured include;
Bullet The areas affected by the sciatica so that my strength and flexibility returned.
Bullet Problems with my gallbladder and pancreas.
Bullet Treating my eyes for dryness & continual watering.

I was also able to look at, and resolve many early issues in my life, which I now realize, had affected my body and some had contributed towards my sciatica.'

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Veeresh, Founder and President of the Humaniversity

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Pain That Baffled Western Doctors, Finally Cured!

Image"After receiving some Thai massages whilst on holiday, I experienced considerable pain in my groin. Alarmed, I visited the hospital and the doctors informed me that an operation would be required to stop the pain, however I didn't want the operation.
Over the following 6 years the pain increased so that when I encountered Cassandra and had some AcuEnergetics® sessions, I was truly amazed that the pain decreased and that I was able to sleep again. With some further sessions, I am extremely happy to say that I now have no pain. I feel extremely fortunate to have...been treated by a highly skilled and very experienced practitioner."
David, UK*
(*As I value my client's confidentiality, where requested, names and pictures are changed. It has been requested here so a different name & a stock photo has been used.)
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